This is an experiential workshop designed to come into an intuitive relationship with the chakra system-through information, meditative journey's and activities that will enliven these energy centers. 

Weekly study and guided meditations.


This is an online Reiki I Training conducted through course materials, meditation journey's and distance attunements. You will learn about the energy healing modality for conducting self healings, Reiki for plants & animals and how to offer healing sessions for others.  Upon completion you will be a Reiki I Practitioner.
4 attunements will be scheduled to be received at a distance upon completion of sections of study.


This is a hybrid immersive course for those who have already been attuned to Reiki Level I.  We will explore many Reiki healing techniques, learn the Reiki Symbols and their relationship to your healing practice.  We will discover techniques for sending Reiki to the Past & Future as well as Inner Child Healing Sessions.

Course includes 2 Reiki attunements.  


We will learn how to detect/removal etheric cords in a healing session. Teachings will be based on each person's unique relationship to energy and each student will come away with a personalized  experience of facilitating a cord removal.  We will look at the way these etheric cords are formed as well as the emotional/energetic effects of cords.

This workshop facilitates our own self discovery in relationship to cords.


 Past Life Exploration experience.  This offering is over Zoom.  We will go on a meditative/hypnotic journey to discover past life information and how it relates to the lessons/relationships of present day.

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