Reiki is a method of energy healing that addresses every aspect of our being. By using sensitivity to the body's subtle energy field and detecting places of imbalance that affect one's physical, mental and emotional well-being, Reiki can help restore your natural state of being and bring awareness to energetic conditions that detract from this state.  A Reiki session may be perfect when one is feeling out of alignment, disconnected from themselves and/or their intuition, suffering from low-energy, brain fog, a physical ailment, insomnia or any number of issues that affect your wellbeing.

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Hypnotherapy is a healing technique that uses both the conscious and subconscious mind to discover the root cause of an issue. The style of hypnotherapy is a soul-guided journey of discovery that leads to the uncovering of an emotional response of a belief system that stands in the way of our truth and/or potential.  These sessions tend to be deeply revealing and healing and are perfect for when one is feeling stuck, struggling with addiction or self-sabotage, lack of self-confidence or struggling with a fear/phobia.


A Meditation practice may be the single most important practice one can have to take care of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  For most of us, the difficulty can be finding the 'right' practice for us.  Exploring different styles and types of meditation is instrumental in cultivating a personal practice. Private meditation instruction is right for you if you have not been able to meditate regularly.

Guided meditation journeys can be tailored to the individual client.  A personal guided meditation journey is right for you if you would like support in your healing and spiritual development.


A Past Life Regression can bring insight into a present-day issue as it relates to Karma.  Karma is simply our emotional and energetic attachment to a lesson, person or pattern.  If there is a strong emotional response that is not clear or relatable to the present circumstance, a past life session can help access and sometimes heal the karmic cords that keep us bound to old patterns.  A Past Life session can also help us access spiritual gifts and insights from past lifetimes as well as show us the nature of karmic relationships.

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Sound Healings are offered in both private and group settings.  This is a meditative, healing experience facilitated by the use of quartz crystal sound bowls and gongs.

Most experience a deep meditative state accompanied by sensations of energy and release resulting in a sense of peace and wellbeing, sometimes receiving visualizations and insights.

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The Workshop and Trainings offered are designed to help one on their path, regardless of their stage of learning.  

The offerings include everything from Mindfulness Meditation Training to Master Level Reiki Training.  My hope is to help each find a connection to their own unique gifts and work intuitively on their path of discovery- with an emphasis on experiencial learning.