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Erin Villarino

I have been on a journey of healing and self-discovery since receiving a mysterious health diagnosis.  My path began to unfold with the practice of meditation.  As I learned to listen to my inner guidance led me to receive then learn Reiki.  When I began to practice, my voice became a tool for relaxation as well as intuitive guidance, aligning me to the gift of hypnotherapy.  I believe that healing requires us to listen to the deepest parts of our being, including the subconscious.  I love helping people discover and align with themselves on a soul level.  


Mind Body Soul Solution is located in Sacred Space Oceanside- a healing space co-owned with my daughter, Kyra Villarino- Conscious Embodiment.  Together we use our collective gifts and healing modalities in individual sessions, as well as group classes and workshops.

Our space is in Artist Alley-downtown Oceanside.  Just a couple blocks from the Oceanside pier, surrounded by local shops and restaurants.  

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