Mind Body Soul Solution has been offering healing services since 2015.  Founded from a sincere desire to help others reconnect with their own inner-health and wellbeing through multiple modalities that address one's whole being- MIND, BODY & SOUL.

Every session is intuitively guided and based on the individual needs of each client.  Sessions are formulated to provide the tools and knowledge for continued self-healing. 

Classes and workshops are offered to help each access their own intuitive gifts and empower themselves on their path the healing and self-discovery.  Ranging from Intuitive Self-Care all the way to advanced healing techniques for practitioners, there is an offering that will align you to the pieces of wisdom within.



I’ve just experienced the most intensely beautiful session with Erin Villarino. Though the session was days ago I’m still feeling the energy, the healing and the shift of my life. She guided me to the ‘thing’ I didn’t know I was missing but had longed for almost 25+ years of my life. Her voice is like a key. It opens the soul. With no reservations, she guides the soul to the very place it’s meant to be. I’m usually a heavy talker but since my session, I’ve been so quiet. There are no words to explain really but I’ve tried to muster up a few words to explain this experience but for some things — you just have to be there!

-SD, North Carolina

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